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“Why Do You Hate Freedom So Much?”

The Gadsden Flag


“If I had one thing to say to the USDA and the FDA, I guess my question would be why do you hate freedom so much? What is it about freedom, whether it’s the consumer’s freedom to choose the food they want to drink, whether it’s me as a farmer choosing the customer who wants to buy my product, or how I want to make my product. What is it about freedom that is so horrendous to you that you are willing to take my property, take my life, take my customers, take my animals, take my land, that you are willing to do this in order for me to not have the freedom to even sell a porkchop to my neighbor?”.

From an interview with Joel Salatin contained in the movie Farmageddon: The Unseen War On American Family Farms by Kristin Kanty.

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A Garden In Your Pocket


Books and book collecting have been a large part of our world for many years. We love books like a landbound duck yearns to paddle about a pond.

Indeed, books hold a bountiful garden of words and expressions, and a treasure of pleasures. It is impossible to predict which thoughts may seed, and from which what ideas may grow.

We have listed some of our favorite reads and references in our recommended reading column. We would love to hear about your favorites, too.

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Good reading!