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Fresh Food, Dirt Cheap (All Year Long!) by The Editors of Organic Gardening Magazine

Fresh Food, Dirt Cheap (All Year Long!) by The Editors of Organic Gardening Magazine. Includes information on year round garden plans, compost making, food preservation, root cellaring, and much more.

“A piece of plastic can change you’re life”. From one of Big John Lipscomb’s radio shows, referring to the use of plastic in extending the gardening season and growing your own food.

Natural Born Preppers

a scarecrow guards a garden plot on a homestead
Fair Warning

You can say what you want to about lists and the scribblings of best laid plans. They are, after all, what you make of them, but one way or the other they are extremely important tools of the prepping lifestyle. You can read the article to Discover More Here. Ranks and scoreboards, on the other hand, are another entirely different kind of animal and we are not great fans of such compilations.

With that being said, we have just learned that we have been included on a special kind of list to us, and to many of you. Much to our surprise we find ourselves ranked in the top 35 of The Best Prepper Websites.

We would not be honest if we didn’t note that it is extremely rewarding to be recognized for our long hours at the keyboard when there are so many other pressing tasks at hand, and it does our prepper’s soul some good to be included among such dedicated and knowledgeable bloggers.

I don’t know why or how exactly we became to be known as “Prepper’s”, but apparently, “we is one”. I only know that somehow, some way, we seem to fit neatly and unceremoniously into such an untidy and relatively new category.

Like so many of you, we are a combination of many things which reflect our special skills and interests. We are hunter’s and fishermen, gardener’s and canner’s, homebrewer’s and husbandman. We love what we do within the rural lifestyle that sustains us, and we wish to share what we know and learn all that we can from others of like mind.

We reject many of the so-called modern-day values on the shallow and destructive face of them, finding more entertainment in the shenanigans of a chipmunk than we ever will in the video violence of the day. We have never been good at following, and we have done our best to avoid the suffering hordes. The only herds we wish to join are of the goats in the back lot, or the bugling elk on the nearby slopes.

We cannot help but observe that the major societal systems are broken; “Big Government” and “Big Food” and big, centralized anything is a beckoning bridge to nowhere, and we are doomed as planetary inhabitants if we do not return to honor some form of common sense and high moral values.

It would seem that a sad majority of people have now lost the steadying connection with all things real and are incapable of feeling the very ground beneath their uncomfortable shoes, and anything of the natural world is but some type of inconvenient truth. Yet through it all, the land and the mother of us all – waits.

If anything, our message to the uninitiated is that it’s time to get real folks, very real. You may not agree, but I can assure you that the future unpleasantness of unstoppable world events will no doubt see to that anyway, like it or not. It might be best to get a good jump on things in the “ready or not” department.

Still, the hour grows late. I am but one small, struggling voice, and I, like you, can only help mitigate in some small way the overwhelming feeling that something bad this way comes. Focused we are, and we shall do our part before the gathering storm.

Call us what you may, but we have only tried to live a life of sanity and sustainability upon a breathtaking blue ball hurtling with god’s speed through a mystical and limitless universe.

One thing we know to be true.

We wish to survive, as is nature’s way and the purpose of all living things. But it’s not about survival in our way of thinking. It’s about life. There is abundance, in us and through us – and everywhere – just take a good look around!

The world will not mind if we find miraculous joy in the simple things, and in so doing manage to thrive along the way. In that, we are natural-born prepper’s, and we wish to perpetuate that way of being as easily as a fox squirrel gathers and stores a bumper crop of autumn acorns.

Is there really any other way?

*As it happens, our ranking continues to climb, and we are now come in at number 25. Your support is much appreciated!


Food Freedom – And Prepping Too!

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Michael Patrick McCarty


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