A Special Christmas Message

For those around us who would like to ban Christmas and the holiday celebrations, and along with it my Right To Bear Arms (not necessarily in that order)…I have only this to say –


Infowars christmas meme photo winner 2015, which is a take off on the famous picture of marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima, but in this case the flag is replaced by a christmas tree
A New Take on Come and Take It!


Any Questions?

Merry Christmas, and to all, a very good year…

See More About This photo and The Infowars Christmas Meme contest in the video below.



Posted by Michael Patrick McCarty

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2 thoughts on “A Special Christmas Message”

  1. Mike, As you know I am a firm believer of the right to arm Bears (sadly they just chew on them) .. and the right of private people to own weapons which best suit them. Laws (of all kinds) are introduced and enacted to control populations .. solely anymore as international corporations are no longer held accountable.

    Still this winter I will place my faith in our world (not its governments or laws) in its service toward life as our starship will once again turn back toward our star Sol.

    May you and yours Walk in Beauty xoxoxo

    Rudy C

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