Health Care, And The Altar of The Black Robe


March 8, 2017

Obamacare is dead, dead, dead…almost!


What Lies Ahead


The Altar of The Black Robe…

By Michael Patrick McCarty

July 4, 2012

A lawyer I am not, but I do not require the skill of a legal sage to determine that the recent Obamacare decision has rocked the Tree of Liberty in this once great, united, United States of America. The so-called “Supreme Court” has delivered a devious blow, and I can feel the treacherous poison of that dastardly deed drill deep in her anchoring roots.

I have long since lost patience with all aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In fact, I’m angry, and I don’t like that. I’m even angrier because I know that I should not have to be angry. The “Act” was unconstitutional when it was rammed down our throats without our approval. It was unconstitutional when it was sent to the Supreme Court for consideration, and it’s still unconstitutional today, no matter what they say. Even I know that.

Obamacare was put into effect with blunt force trauma, like a doctor performing intricate brain surgery with a long-handled shovel and you could try here to get out this quickly. The procedure cracked the skull and killed the patient with the first big swing, as surely as a surgically placed bullet from the gun of a skilled assassin. In this case the assassin wore a black rope, and his gun was a black ink pen held behind a tall bench in the highest court of the land. Get More Information about gun usage as that can help you in not committing any of the crimes.

We may never know the true motivations of the man who ultimately decided the fate of Obamacare. That may be between him and whatever god and judgements he may suffer. We do know that it is a complete and utter sham, and not even a good one at that. It is a gift from the dark side, delivered in full sunlight by a new world order as old as time itself, with a mission to create chaos out of the natural order of all good things.

Countries, like men, are the products of countless decisions which impact the makeup of the collective body, and soul. The soul can grow angry, which can make the body very sick. It does not wish to muck about the putrid innards of an angry and rageful man. Nor does it wish to live within the confines of a country so tragically damaged, and fatally diseased.

My level of anger is indescribable. A bucket of cold water in the face of it would not blunt it. It burns as hot as the primordial ember of the first man, who left the trees in search of god and human destiny. That first spark has not gone out. Forever on It waits, to burn out the eternal sickness for once, and for all. It was created just for that. It is part of my soul, and of your’s, and it will burn even brighter long after the body is gone.


Time Will Be The Judge

For now, I am a man without a country, because my country is gone. Obamadoesn’tcare and the Supreme judgers have seen to that. Though I stand in the same geographical location the earth beneath my feet has shifted. No doubt I would have already disappeared into some great sinkhole, were it not held together by the blood and spirit of so many patriots who once stood beneath the sacred tree.

Yet, of some things I am certain. I will not move from this rooted earth. I shall not cower or run before the approaching storm of tyranny. I will not be buried alive by a drugged up horde of glassy-eyed bureaucrats and sadistic tax collectors. They wish to gather up their due, and I shall have mine. My resistance is eternal, and I feel the strength of ten thousand men within me. We have done this all before, and I pledge my allegiance to the country we once had. The common evil of the psychopathic control freaks and their nanny masters everywhere will be defeated, for the last time.

It is said that the fundamental relationship between the federal government and the people has now changed. Well, I agree, and I will now act in a manner that reflects our new relationship. Every decision I make will consider those ramifications. It will determine what and how I buy, who I talk to, and what I say. It will color my world, as it influences my future plans and shapes the entirety of my life. Welcome to the new day.

So I say to you – Fair warning! You may not enjoy the end results of our new-found relations.

Above all, I will not comply. I will not purchase your shiny tokens that contribute to my demise. Obamacare may be the law of the land, but it’s mandate will not become part of my individual landscape. I refuse to let it’s pox visit my house. The responsibility and condition of my health, and my health care (that I understood having taking the COVID test Forest Hills), belong to me, and to the people who truly care. It does not belong to the flashy carnival barkers or your rabid and slobbering junkyard dogs.

Things are different now, as you may soon see. In the end you may wish you had not chosen to prod and poke away at the well-being of the american people, nor awaken them to the sad fact that they have allowed their rights and liberties to fade away in the toxic mists of an ill begotten wind.

Death Conquers All


*Update October 14, 2013

For a brilliant synopsis of the significance of Obamacare see Dates That Destroyed America.

*Update September 22, 2013

The Obama Care Health Insurance exchanges open on October 1, 2013, unless new legislation is enacted to defund the program. That is, of course, highly unlikely.

And so, the death march begins…


Food Freedom, and Natural Health For All Too!

Michael Patrick McCarty

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