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We are currently researching the history of the Giant Runt Pigeon in the United States. We would be interested in hearing from anyone who raises Runts, or from anyone who has any knowledge of any of their descendents or family members who may have kept and raised them. From what we can gather, they were first imported into this country sometime in the 1700’s. Any information or leads you can provide would be greatly appreciated, including any reference included in old books or periodicals that you may be aware of.

In addition, we are also researching the origins and history of the King Pigeon in the United States, as well as the Hubbell.

And, last but not least, we are interested in the origins and history of the squab farming industry in the state of New Jersey.

We would also be interested in purchasing items, or collections, including original photos, books, periodicals, and related ephemera, on these areas of interest.

Please reply in the comment field below, or by email to Michael Patrick McCarty at

You can see more of his work at Through A Hunter’s Eyes: A Journal of Wild game, Fighting Fish, and Grand Pursuit.

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  1. I have the old American Giant Runt here in SA., the new breed is looking like the English Muff Birds, and my no is 0661538345

  2. Good afternoon im from South Africa and i came upon a breeding pair. Where i stay people dont have a lot of knowledge regards to the Giant Runt Pigeons. I need same advice please. I have a pair of chicks that is just over a week old. The problem the nest is wet. Can i add some extra grass in the nest or can i move them?
    Tx Corne

  3. I have 10 giant runts in western nc. I think they are show type… I might buy a flock of utility hubels from someone in redell,louisiana. Any info is appreciated!! I have inquired with the livestock conservancy about adding pigeons

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