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In The Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and The Survival of The Indian Nations by Jerry Mander.

In The Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and The Survival of The Indian Nations by Jerry Mander.

“In his critically acclaimed Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, author and social critic Jerry Mander proclaimed that television, by its fundamental nature, is dangerous—to personal health and sanity, to the environment, and to the democratic process. With In the Absence of the Sacred, he goes beyond television to critique our technological society as a whole.
In this provocative work, Mander challenges the utopian promise of technological society and tracks its devastating impact on native cultures worldwide. The Western world’s loss of a sense of the sacred in the natural world, he says, has led us toward global environmental disaster and social disorder—and worse lies ahead. Yet models for restoring our relationship with the Earth exist in the cultures of native peoples, whose values and skills have enabled them to survive centuries of invasion and exploitation.
Far from creating paradise on Earth, technology has instead produced an unsustainable contest for resources. Mander surveys the major technologies shaping the “new world order” — computers, telecommunications, space exploration, genetic engineering, robotics, and the corporation itself—and warns that they are merging into a global mega-technology, with dire environmental and political results.”


“I would highly recommend Mr. Mander’s work In the Absence of the Sacred. I would also recommend his Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television. I read this book in the 1970’s, and it changed my TV watching habits forever. I would agree with Mr. Mander that television is dangerous to the overall health of the individual, and the community. I would, in fact, take it much further along those lines.

I would argue that TV is a devastatingly effective tool of those who would wish to destroy the traditional family and the future of human society. Televison, and the news media in general, is a weaponized medium, supported by computer-driven models, social engineers, and propagandists of every kind. They are hopelessly disconnected and utterly mad, and they do not have your best interests in mind.

My advice – kill your TV. Kill it quick, and forever, today. You will find much less “noise” in your world, and you will wonder how you ever put up with such a terror in your home.” – Michael Patrick McCarty

“I got one that can see”. From John Carpenter’s cult classic movie , They Live

Real Awareness

“Both Wordsworth and Thoreau knew that when the light of common day seemed no more than common it was because of something lacking in them, not because of something lacking in it, and what they asked for was eyes to see a universe they knew was worth seeing. For that reason theirs are the best of all attempts to describe what real awareness consists of…that the rare moment is not the moment when there is something worth looking at but the moment when we are capable of seeing it”.

From The Desert Year, by Joseph Wood Krutch, American Naturalist

What Lies Beneath

Spaceship Earth – The Great Blue Mother

“After you have exhausted what there is in business, politics, conviviality, and so on – have found that none of these finally satisfy, or permanently wear – what remains? Nature remains”. –Walt Whitman


For some of us, nature is all that there is and all that has ever been. It is both “blessing and curse” for those seemingly few, so inclined. We walk a different road on this great blue orb, away from the hustle and the bustle and the noise. Sadly, “modern” society is not always kind to those who choose this path.

Material rewards and the spoils of war favor the victors. They tend to write and edit the history books, too.

Still, one road leads to life –  the other way, not so much. Truth is truth.

War against nature is a most unwinnable conflict.

I chose life. I chose nature. How about you?

Michael Patrick McCarty

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Stand… In Understanding

Black Elk
  •  And while I stood there
  • I saw more than I can tell
  • and I understood more than I saw;
  • for I was seeing in a sacred manner
  • the shapes of things in the spirit,
  • and the shape of all shapes as they must
  • live together like one being.

Black Elk, from Black Elk Speaks

Food For Thought

Like many of you we sometimes wonder how it will remain possible to live peacefully and joyfully in what seems to be an ever more crazy world. We don’t have the answers, but we do have some ideas.

One idea may be “to somehow turn off the stereo that is the world”, as our instructor and martial arts expert Mr. Chet Zajak once told our class.

Well, we like our music around here, so we don’t know about the stereo bit, but we know what he was trying to say.

Master songwriter John Prine offers some great advice in his lyrics from “Spanish Pipedream”, a song we have always loved. How about this:

“Blow up your T.V., throw away your paper, go to the country, build you a home.

Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches, Try an find Jesus, on your own”.

Works for us.