New Evidence That Natural Gas Fracking Has Impacted Groundwater

Lisa Bracken of Project Forsaken has ground breaking information that fracking has impacted groundwater. She writes, “It directly contradicts the industry’s long-held argument that it is a safe and benign practice which has never impacted groundwater. As disturbingly, it also reveals a situation wherein a state agency acted to suppress public health information and misinform a congressional inquiry…This information is in the hands of those with the authority and expertise to corroborate it, and the story will be forthcoming soon”.

Anyone interested in reading about the health and environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing should take a look at Lisa’s website. Her’s is not a pleasant story, but it should be read by all who are threatened with the prospect of fracking in your neighborhoods and backyards.

You can find her work at

One thought on “New Evidence That Natural Gas Fracking Has Impacted Groundwater”

  1. We are running out of oil . the easy oil is gone. So if you really care live in a mud hut and wear deer skins. Everything you do or buy is produced with oil . As you drive away in your fossil fuel burning prius on your way to the airport to fly to Chile in a fossil fuel burning jumbo jet. Someday you will be begging for fracked oil cause it will be all we have. Like the people waiting for gas after sandy.

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